Great Oak Wolfpack Golf Team

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Two Newcomers Two Returners
Cleared to Try Out Cleared to Try Out
Abuan, Ryan (9) Bruchhauser, Ian (10)
Erling, Robert (9) Osorio, Ryan (10)
(as of September 9, 2019)



Wed. Mon. Wed. Mon. Wed. 2018-2019
Oct. 9 Oct. 14 Oct. 16 Oct. 21 Oct. 23 Overall Avg.
1 Declan Lane (12)           76.6 Projected Varsity
2 Caden Flores (10)           79.5 Projected Varsity
3 Ian Bruchhauser (10)           79.8 Projected Varsity
4 Louis Techahongsa (12)           80.6 Projected Varsity
5 Justice Knight (12)           85.8 Projected Varsity
6 Jake Granados (12)           86.4 Projected Varsity
7 Sean Curry (10) 87.1 Projected JV
8 Guylan Belser (10) 88.4 Projected JV
9 David Knight (10) 89.8 Projected JV
10 Dominic Fiore (12) 91.8 Projected JV
11 Ryan Osorio (10) 92.9 Projected JV
12 Ken Watanasiripong (10) 94.6 Projected JV
13 Dylan Voegele (10)           98.5 Projected Alternates
14 Sean Paul Coy (10)           100.1 Projected Alternates
15 Kieran Avila (10)           101.6 Projected Alternates
16 Justin Lumabas (12)           104.0 Projected Alternates
---------------------------------------------- Projected Cut Line for October Tryouts ---------------------------------------------------------------
17 William Hustleby (12)           106.8 Projected Cut
18 Dylan Sevenikar (11)           109.8 Projected Cut
Varsity       201.2
JV 225.0
2021   (Without the Seniors) 212.3



Tryouts for the 2019-2020 Season
The first day of tryouts is Wednesday, October 9, 2019 - Redhawk GC
What do I need to do to try out for the boys' golf team?
    1)  Pick up a 2019-2020 athletic clearance packet.  (Available in the athletic office or download from the athletics homepage)
    2)  Once it is completed (with a sports physical), return it to Mrs. Gorbacz (athletic office secretary)
    3) She will give you a stamped clearance sheet.  Take that sheet to Coach Boyatt in room 357 and he will add you to the tee sheet.
Why are tryouts held in Oct. for a spring sport?
1)  Daylight savings ends in early November.  After that date, it is impossible to play nine holes after school.
2)  Many of the players that make the team will be able to be placed in a special 6th period PE class that will allow them to go to the golf course after 5th period. 
        Since the new semester begins in January, the tryouts need to be held before then so schedules can be adjusted.
What if I am playing another sport and can't try out?
The Wolfpack does everything we can to support multi-sport athletes.  If you are involved in a fall sport and will not be able to attend our October tryouts, please
stop by and introduce yourself to Coach Boyatt in room 357.  We will provide an additional opportunity for you to try out at a later date.
We would still like for you and your parents to attend the meeting on the evening of October 30th.  Hawk's Landing (Redhawk)  -- 6 PM 
How good do I need to be to make the team?
Boys' golf is a sport that typically only has a varsity program.  (There are very few JV programs in a 50 mile radius.)
Six players play in a varsity match, thus many teams carry around 8-10 players.  Last year, the Wolfpack started the season with 19 players, enough to run 2 teams and keep 7 alternates beyond that.
Carrying enough for an additional team means we have to travel great distances to find JV matches.  We don't mind doing this, as carrying an extra 8-10 players on a team
     gets more players connected to school and gives players the opportunity to improve in the wonderful game of golf.
Last season we finished the season with 18 players, and we had no seniors on the team.
That made us had to utilize five foursomes to play a team round at Redhawk.
Carrying that many players led to having some players that weren't real competive, players that just weren't working on their games outside of the team practices.
It was difficult to mix and match the players in groupings, because there was such a discrepancy in skill levels from top to bottom.
Next season, we are going to go a little bit smaller, in an effort to not crowd Redhawk so much.  Keeping less guys will eliminate some of the players that haven't worked on improving.
This year we are going to keep 16 PLAYERS.  That gives us a varsity roster with 6 players, a jv roster with 6 players, and a foursome to play behind matches.
We have a couple of great players coming into the program, to add to the 18 we had last year.  So things are going to get competivie.  
What is my best estimate for where the cut line will be?
   Well, my 16th player in 2019 averaged about 104.  If we are brining in a few new guys, I should look closer to my 12th-13th guy, which averaged about 94-98. 
    Typically in the offseason, players in that range that are trying to improve get their scores down about 5-8 strokes.  
     Thus my best estimate for making the team is a player that is right around 90 or better.    If you can shoot bogey golf from the blue tees at Redhawk -- you have a shot.
October tryouts will decide what 16 players will be on our roster in the spring.
I don't need to worry about who is a senior vs who is a freshman -- all I really need is 1-2 players per grade level to make sure I have the best varsity team in the future.  We have that.
Thus, my emotions will be out of it.  The top 16 scores are in, the rest will be cut.
It will be harsh to see some returners not come back, and it will be especially hard to cut a freshman that might just be outside the cut line.
I hope that the cut players will use the year as an opportunity to work on their games on their own and come back stronger the next year.
Please contact me if you have any questions.
Complete October Tryout Schedule
Wednesday, October 9 -- Newcomers Only -- This round will determine who will be invited to play with the returners on Monday.
Oct 14 (Mon), Oct 16 (Wed), Oct 21 (Mon), Oct 23 (Wed), Oct 28 (Mon), & Oct 30 (Wed)  --  All players will compete for the 16 spots on the team.
A player will be cut when it becomes clear that he is not yet ready to be in the top 16. 
Parent Meeting Will Follow the Final Round on October 30 (6:00 in Hawk's Landing (Redhawk))